Fair Call

To make an immediate and confidential disclosure, please refer below where you will find all the relevant telephone numbers applicable to your region (toll free in most locations).

If you prefer to submit your confidential disclosure in writing, you can send an email to any of the following addresses, applicable to your region

This service is provided by KPMG Australia. This service is an independently monitored, external, anonymous service for you to report concerns of possible fraudulent or unethical behaviour relating to GrainCorp Limited. If your matter does not relate to such issues, please contact GrainCorp Limited directly.

Where KPMG Australia collects personal information as part of the service, it is provided in accordance with KPMG Australia's Privacy Statement which can be viewed at http://www.kpmg.com/AU/en/Pages/privacy-faircall.aspx

A Message from the Managing Director & CEO of the GrainCorp Group

FairCall: A phone call is all it takes

At GrainCorp we value high ethical standards of behaviour and expect honesty, openness and integrity in everything we do. Unacceptable, unethical and illegal behaviour impacts not only on our company, but on our individual staff, contractors and customers.

In the past we have only used internal whistleblower officers as contact points to take these reports however now, in conjunction with KPMG, GrainCorp has established an external confidential toll free telephone hotline for all staff and contractors who are concerned about unacceptable, unethical or illegal activities that affect our workplace.

If you suspect, or know of, activities that are not in the best interests of you, your colleagues or GrainCorp you can now do something about it in a totally confidential way simply by calling the FairCall hotline phone number:

  • Australia 1800 500 965
  • North America 1866 8849 435
  • United Kingdom 0808 234 7091
  • Singapore 800 616 1955
  • USA 18668 849 435
  • Germany 0800 180 2444
  • China- North 10800 6500620
  • China- South 10800 2652593
  • New Zealand 0800 100 526

While we ask that you first raise any concerns with your line manager or with Human Resources, we recognise that you may not always feel comfortable discussing these matters with them. This is why we have asked KPMG, an independent third party, to operate the FairCall telephone hotline for us.

At all times, your calls will be taken in total confidence. When you call, you may wish to remain anonymous. If so, you will not be asked for personal details. Unless you chose to provide FairCall with your personal details, GrainCorp will not attempt to obtain your identity.

KPMG will send a report to a nominated GrainCorp representative within 24 hours of the call being received on the hotline. Each KPMG report will provide details of the information or allegation reported and any information that may be pertinent to a subsequent investigation.

You can find more information about our Company’s Whistleblower Policy by reviewing our Charter (which includes our Values and our Code of Conduct) by clicking on this link. I encourage you to familiarise yourself with our approach to all business operations, and our commitment to ethical conduct.

I hope that you do not need to use this service, but in the event that you do, I hope you will feel comfortable to do so.


Yours sincerely,

Mark Palmquist
Managing Director & CEO

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