About us

GrainCorp is a leading international agribusiness and food-ingredients processor, with a diverse range of operations that span four continents and supply customers in over 30 countries.

GrainCorp operates in Canada and the USA as GrainCorp and GrainCorp Malt, who is the fourth largest maltster in the world. GrainCorp Malt owns and operates as Canada Malting Co., Great Western Malting and the Country Malt Group.

GrainCorp Marketing’s existing Canadian office will support the joint venture to manage the origination process with Canadian grain and oilseed growers, and is licensed and bonded with the Canadian Grains Commission.

GrainCorp’s international offering of grain storage, handling, marketing and malt & oilseeds processing operations help our valued customers meet the demands of a rapidly growing global population.

About Zen-Noh Grain Corporation

Zen-Noh Grain Corporation (ZGC) is a subsidiary of Japanese Agricultural Cooperative, Zen-Noh (National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, www.zennoh.or.jp/about/english).

Zen-Noh is one of the largest agricultural cooperative organizations in the world with its 1,011 member cooperatives, and is in charge of supplying agricultural inputs and marketing agricultural products with more than 6.2 trillion yen of consolidated revenues.

ZGC was established in 1979 by Zen-Noh and JA Group and started its grain export elevator at Convent, Louisiana, USA in 1982. Today ZGC exports 12-13 million MT/year of US corn, beans, sorghum and so on to Japan and other global markets.

NOTE: The joint venture's operations are subject to customary regulatory approvals.