GrainCorp's new Canadian supply chain

We are pleased to announce that GrainCorp is expanding our grain origination footprint in Canada, delivering more choice and competition to Canadian growers.

The expansion will increase access to global markets through the creation of a fully integrated supply chain with new high-capacity delivery points connecting your grain with customers around the world.

A strategic joint venture between GrainCorp and Zen-Noh Grain Corporation, (a subsidiary of major Japanese Agricultural cooperative Zen-Noh) has been agreed to build this new supply chain. The supply chain connects GrainCorp’s grain origination operations with the existing global demand of both companies.

The new supply chain will build upon and complement GrainCorp’s established operations in Canada, including the Canada Malting Company and the Strathmore and Bashaw operations in Alberta.

Accessing the supply chain

GrainCorp Marketing’s existing Canadian office will support the joint venture to manage the origination process into the supply chain, with new delivery points strategically positioned to best service the grain growing regions of Alberta and Saskatchewen.

GrainCorp’s relationships and experience in the Canadian market will ensure a seamless experience for growers from grain sale to delivery.

NOTE: The joint venture's operations are subject to customary regulatory approvals.